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  • Lifelong Learning

    Theresa Groody, Director of Professional Studies, talks to about the role of higher education in the field of teaching.

  • Reflection on 9/11

    Philly artist Joan Myerson Shrager displays works of art in Harcum's Kevin D. Marlo Little Theatre through September 16.

  • Canine Blood Drive

    Penn Vet School VETmobile visits Harcum October 7 for donations from dog owners.

  • 100 Years in the Making

    Harcum Men's Soccer team wins first game of the season.

  • Advances in Interior Design

    With a 3D scanner, Interior Design student Elly Ball is transforming the way we visualize a space.

  • Harcum Offers Evening Courses in Design

    Continuing Studies classes begin October 13.

  • Join Us at Homecoming!

    Highlights include sports contests, alumni awards, and ‘Bear Fest’ at this annual event on October 10 & 11.